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Web Site Design and Support

Whether your requirements are for a simple Web Page for your business or for a complex Web Site to provide in-depth information to your customers, we can support you! We will work with you to register your own domain name if you desire, or we can provide a space for you off of one of our registered domain names (www.toknow.com/YourBusiness or www.toknowart.com/YourBusiness). Our web hosting may be provided through NMIA or any other Internet Service Provider of your choice.

Personal Computer Consulting

Do you want a new PC for your home or business?  How about a network to interconnect the computers in your  office? A connection to the internet?  We will work with you to help define your requirements, and then suggest solutions which will give you the best answers for your needs.  We can provide either a turn-key installation, ready to go, or work with your staff on the procurement and installation of  necessary hardware and software. Training, too!   

Photo and Document Scanning

Do you have photographs that you want to display on your PC or website? How about using them in a brochure or flier?   Do you have documents you want to save electronically for retrieval?  We scan original photographs or artwork using a high resolution 30 bit scanner and can save them in the format and color depth you require.  Documents may be provided either as a graphical image or as a converted OCR document in many popular word processing formats.


We will provide either a raw conversion or an edited conversion. We use patented Xerox technology for all of our OCR conversions.

Other Services

Digital Photography - We can provide digital photograpy services if requested.  Digital photos are ideal for publishing on a web site, as there is no conversion required. Extra Photo Quality and Photo Realistic prints are arranged through third party suppliers.

Specialized Training - We have experience in many computer applications, and will work with you to develop a   training course tailored to make your use of the computer more productive.   Give us an opportunity to satisfy your requirements!

We would be delighted to discuss any additional requirements that you might have!  Please email us at info@toknow.com and let us know how we may help you.


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